Okay. So see the picture up there. Now, ignore the two face of my friend and I need you guys to concentrate on the guy at the back whose head I circled. Who is he? Well, He's ....... hahahhahaha. You could say that he's my crush cause he is haha. The thing is I dont know his name or age or even his course. But my hunch is telling me that he's older than me. He kinda looks like the guy from prison break, 

Okay, so my classmates found this stupid blog of mine. Kinda my fault so cant really blame them. But still, fuck. So, I guess there will be no more crappy or stupid or ridiculous (did i spell that correctly? whatever). But Im still writing. 

So, there is this guy, my classmate actually and dia ni memang minta aku menganjingkan dia agaknya. Well, he's getting it right now. 

Isfan Zuffi Airy or better known as @iszuffry on twitter. Ambik kau, tweethandle terus aku bagi. He's got a blog too and this is the url http://iszuffry.blogspot.com/. Hahahaha. His hobby is menganjing orang tak tentu pasal. Selagi termampu, itulah yang dia akan buat. Dia ada rupa yang konon ganas tapi bila baca blog tuan empunya nama ni, perghhh, romantik rupanya. Oh My God. So unexpected. So, Im going to stop yapping and blabbing cause I have actual things that need to be completed. 

A little piece of advice to you bro, kau peganglah tongkat tu lama lama, gatal sangat kan, nanti badi tongkat farhan tu kena dekat kau, menangis tak berlagu nanti.